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The Core Systems is providing Best of class IOT training in Punjab Since 2013. The Core Systems is the leader in Embedded Systems Design and Development. IoT or the internet of things is the technology of implementing Microcontrollers in Cloud, Alexa and web applications using languages like python and c++.

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is a collection of networked objects that are linked online. Through the devices are connected, and various electronic chips and sensors—all of which are connected to The Core Systems—are being employed. The internet, which is a wireless medium of communication, is used to transmit data and information. Since we love to work on projects, our Institute in Chandigarh offers the greatest industrial training. Join The Core Systems to learn Best of the class IOT training in Punjab. The Core Systems are providing both  6 weeks and 6 months of training in the IoT internet of things platform.

The Core Systems is using Raspberry pi World’s best Embedded Linux and IoT platform For training Candidates in IoT.

Welcome to The Core Systems 

We provide SaaS-based Digital Business Automation Solutions for Startups and Enterprises utilising cutting-edge technology.

The Core Systems is a seasoned software development firm with a stellar clientele.

We are the result of a collaborative effort from a group of professionals with more than ten years of combined expertise in our professions.

The Core Systems is a group of people that are passionate about creating and delivering business software programmes. The Core Systems tagline, “You dream: we create,” is skilled at taking ideas for developing bespoke software applications from conception to completion. We have created apps that are currently utilised by millions of users worldwide because of our expertise in working with more than 20 Fortune 200 businesses. We understand how to create the greatest software that is bug-free. Our main goal is to provide top-notch services in the three areas that are crucial to the IT sector.

As a software development business, we have expertise in

  • Our services include Telecom.
  • Integrating networks
  • Solutions for Digital Marketing
  • Solutions for Software Engineering
  • developing websites
  • Mobile application development for iOS and Android
  • Developing desktop apps (Windows and macOS)

For established brands and Fortune 200 organisations, we are a dependable development partner.

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  • Basics of Internet of things
  • Basics of  Linux [ Debian and Redhat ]
  • IOT training using Raspberry PI and Embedded Linux.
  • IOT training using Arduino and Embedded C/C++
  • Orcad and Pcb design
  • Project work with Raspberry Pi and Arduino IOT

The Core Systems IOT shield for Raspberry pi: The Core Systems has developed India’s First Internet of things, Shield, a project that enables any IoT developer to incorporate any Analog or digital (SPI, I2c, Serial Tx Rx or 1-wire sensor or multiple sensors using Embedded Python programming in Development Projects.

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IoT Training in Chandigarh

Why are you holding out? As soon as you receive your certifications, invest in your career.

Each of these worldwide credentials has a set of tests that must be passed, along with some sort of suitable preparation. On the other hand, The Core Systems Offers the Best IoT Training in Mohali Chandigarh which has made this procedure very simple for you.

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