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The Core Systems is the leading company for summer training in Himachal Pradesh. We are providing summer training for the last 15 years. we have been the industrial head in developing imaginative training programs which help the student to get placed in their professional career. The comprehensive practical training provided by The Core Systems in Himachal Pradesh equips life and reproduction. The trainers at The Core Systems are subject professional collective professionals who contribute in-depth study in summer training in Himachal Pradesh.

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Further, we have kept the summer training in duration flexible. From online classroom to quick-track & coordinated classroom. Summer training is provided on weekdays and weekends to the visitor. Our advanced labs are well equipped with the latest technologies which help the students to avail a successful summer training also they get a certification from the company.

The Core Systems identified among the top ten summer training companies in Himachal Pradesh has training modules for learner intermediaries and specialists. The best summer training in Himachal Pradesh gives value for money training to their students. Students who want to do a summer training course will get an extra discount on fees.

Courses offered in The Core Systems for summer training in Himachal Pradesh

  • summer training in himachal pardesh summer training in himachal pradesh Summer training in Himachal Pradesh with Certification summer trainnig in himachal
    summer training in Himachal pardesh

    Internet of Things with Raspberry Pi and Python

The Core Systems is providing state of an art Summer internship program in the internet of things with raspberry pi and python. this is the best summer training program for students of Case and Electronics Engineering students. Students from various Colleges and universities in Himachal Pradesh undergo a summer training program in the Internet of Things [ IOT ] with the python programming language.

  • Embedded System

Build cool projects & robots in our Robotics course or control industries with PLC/SCADA, Automation Arduino, and Raspberry Pi.

  • CAD/CAM Training

    Get training in CAD/CAM software with our partner CADD primer.

  • Software Training

    Latest courses in Digital marketing with google Advance python programming with IOT and Ml applications, IoT application development with microcontrollers, and IoT Clouds.

  • Industrial Automation Training with PLC and Scada

    Join Advanced Courses and Internships in PLC Automation and SCADA Software with industrial-oriented Plc automation, SCADA, IoT, and Drives with sensors.

Why should you participate in an IoT summer training programme?

Today, IoT is being used in a variety of applications such as smart cities, smart environments, security, smart business processes, smart agriculture, home automation, and healthcare. With IoT, all of the gadgets we use can connect with one another, making our lives smarter and more efficient.
And what better way to learn about IoT than through constructing projects?
You will study IoT fundamentals and develop three distinct projects hands-on during this summer training session.

the Core systems logo 2022 summer training in himachal pradesh Summer training in Himachal Pradesh with Certification the Core systems logo 2022Why choose The Core Systems for summer Training in Himachal Pradesh

  • our summer training in Himachal Pradesh is advanced in conformity to the modern I.T. industry.
  • we gave the best summer training in Himachal Pradesh canvasing during summer training classes.
  • students avail summer training in Himachal Pradesh with placement assistance.
  • our trainers are industry- experts.
  • Advance I.T. labs equipped with the latest framework.
  • Our training classroom is equipped with a modern I.T. frameworks such as live projectors, and WI-FI.
  • our certificates are globally recognized afford after finished training.
  • our trainers are certified professionals with 10+ years of experience in the industry.
  • According to the student’s demand, students can recover, the class at no cost.
  • To boost the knowledge of the students, perplexing specialized ideas are granted through simple training.
  • We encourage our students with a glass door room and discussion zone to upgrade their learning and investigating capacities.
  • The Core Systems Institute Summer Training Program on IoT is the greatest option for you to learn practical skills on the Internet of Things (IoT) over your summer vacation. The programme requires you to learn the theory behind IoT technology and to create projects with kits and industry-standard software. This experience allows you to improve the most important skills that are lacking in your regular college curriculum while also providing a great experience of a Summer Internship. The certification granted by the IoT summer training programme allows you to highlight talents in your resume to potential employers.

The Core Systems does not have an office in Himachal Pradesh. Feel free to contact us for more details about summer training in Himachal Pradesh contact our Chandigarh office.


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The Core Systems

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