PLC Training Company in Chandigarh

PLC Training Company in Chandigarh

The Core Systems currently is the best plc training company in Chandigarh, since 2001. The Core Systems is known as the No.1 industrial training Company in Chandigarh.

The Core Systems provides a six-month industrial training program for students of professional courses and Bachelor’s degrees in Engineering and diploma holders. At present, The Core Systems deals in various professional programs for those students and people who are looking for a bright future.

The Core Systems offer various programs like six-month industrial training, Embedded system, IOT development, Digital marketing, and all other various courses related to the IT and Electronics Field.

What is PLC?

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plc training company in chandigarh

PLC or (Programmable logic controller ), PLC is an abrupt computer used for the purpose of Industrial automation. PLC, this controller helps out to generate an automatic specific process, any kind of machine functioning, even it helps in the automatic process of the entire production line.

How does PLC work?

The PLCs receive information from the connected sensors and the connected input devices, then processes the data, and then form the output. The output generated by the PLCs is based on their programmed parameters. A PLC is dependent upon its Input and output devices.

plc training company in chandigarh plc training company in chandigarh PLC Training Company in Chandigarh plcnew
plc training company in chandigarh

A PLC can identify/monitor and record the processing data such as PLC monitoring the machine productivity or machine operating temperature, automatic machine start, and stop the process. PLC generates the alarm if a machine gets the malfunction in its running process and identifies the more others issues. PLC (programmable logic controllers) are flexible and sturdy control solutions, and capable of almost all applications.

Basic Key Feature of PLC

Input/output devices-: The I/O modules help to provide the information to the CPU and generate the specific results. I/O modules can be either analog or digital platforms.

Communication-: PLC offers a limit on the capability of Ports and other communications protocols to make sure that the PLC can communicate with such other systems. In addition to I/O devices.PLC also needs to connect or communicate with other kinds of systems. For example, users might want to export any application data recorded by PLC for supervisory control and the data acquisition(SCADA) system, which helps out to monitor the multiple connected devices.

Courses Offered in  PLC Automation Training.

PLC Traning (Programmable Logic Controller).
SCADA Training (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition).
VFD Traning (Variable Frequency Drive & Adjustable Speed Driver).
DCS Training (Distributed control system).
HMI Traning (Human Machine Interface).
Control Panel Training.

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 Syllabus For PLC automation Course:-

  •   Basic Introduction to PLC & PLC automation, Definition, Role of PLC automation, PLC Industrial application & automation history.
  •   Automation Components, Relay, Switches, Sensors, Optical & Ultrasonic sensors, Capacitive & Inductive Sensors.
  •   Control Actuators, PLC (Programmable logic controller ), PLC advantages & advantages of the control panel, PLC Architecture, various types of I/O circuits, I/O concepts, concepts of digital & analog I/O.

The concept of the PLC scan cycle, Concept of Sources & sink I/O cards, Methods of programming & programming devices, programming with the help of PLC, Programs Instructions, Counters & Timers.

Who Can Join The PLC Training company in Chandigarh-: B.Tech/BE in Electrical Engineering, Electronics & communications engineering. Mechatronics streams & instrumentation Engineering Students and all the other professionals who deal with the different engineering branches.

Why choose Core Systems as the best plc training company in Chandigarh

  • The Core Systems has various types of PLC software which make it different like Siemens s7 PLC, s7 controller & Micro win s7, Delta PLC-WPL, Allen Bradley, Rs Logix, automation builder, Mitsubishi, Schneider, B&R, Omron, cx programmer, Honeywell.
  • The Core Systems provides the specialization in the implementation of Mitsubishi PLC & automation system, Industrial automation, and Embedded system and develops the both of the Hardware & Software systems.
  • The Core Systems provides the environment for the students who do want to learn about PLC   automation completely as per its use in the various industries.
  • The Core Systems provides the high-level technical skills in PLC because of most of companies are looking for knowledge engineers in the automation sector ability to work on different brands of PLCs, MMI, drivers, and SCADA.
  • The Core Systems has developed well-defined training methods for PLC automation, for the students who are fond of doing training in PLC and help them to understand the basic concepts regarding PLC automation and helps them up to date with the latest technology. We comprise 50% of practical work and 50% of theoretical work on PLC automation to make the concepts crystal clear.

How to reach the best PLC training Company in Chandigarh:

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PLC Training Company in Chandigarh

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