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The Core Systems is the best PLC automation training Company in Chandigarh. The Core Systems is an ISO-certified company. The Core Systems is established in 2001 in Chandigarh. The Core Systems is a pioneer in PLC Automation training company in Chandigarh.  The Core Systems trained more than 50,000+ students and IT professionals in PLC Automation.

The Core Systems Training is one of India’s major industrial training Institutes, offering 100% placement assistance. Each successful participant receives an ISO-associated credential, which is recognised across sectors and aids in reaching one’s career goals. For the past two decades, we have provided expert hands-on training services.  The Core Systems Training offers teams of placement specialists devoted to providing placement assistance services to each participant. We supply organisations with well-trained employees that assist them in increasing production, quality, and lowering maintenance costs.

PLC is a programmable logic controller which use in an Industrial digital computer to automate mechanical machines and devices systematically. PLC is a big automation industry. There are big companies who make PLC i.e SIEMENS, ALLEN BRADLEY, SCHNEIDER  and many more. These are the plc technologies


What topics do we cover in PLC Automation Training

  • Introduction to different types of PLC, Industrial Automation
  • Introduction to PLC hardware, and Role in Industrial Automation
  • Introduction to field device connected to PLC and Architectural evolution
  • PLC Fundamentals and Block diagram of PLC’s
  • PLC Components- Power Supply, I/O Modules, Communication Bus
  • Types of I/O, the source link concept

Practical exposure Siemens, PLCs, Schnider

  • Practical on PLC Programming Software
  • Addressing Concepts
  • Industrial Applications like Ware filling boilers, Autodrill machines, RAM Press
  • Downloading, Uploading, Monitoring of Programs
  • Forcing O/p, I/O
  • Practicals on writing programs, case studies
  • Troubleshooting and fault diagnostics of PLC
  • Introduction to DAQFactory SCADA Systems

These topics we cover in PLC automation training at The Core Systems. We have all types of PLC and more than 10+ industrial logic.

How Can The Core Systems Help You?

The Core Systems provides industrial training programmes for all engineering disciplines. We offer a pool of seasoned professional trainers with years of business experts who adapt to current industry norms and requirements.

The following are the advantages of our training programmes:

  1. Job-oriented industrial training with advanced labs.
  2. Summer / Winter / Project / On-Campus Training 2/4/6 Weeks (with Live Project)
  3. 3 or 6 months of industrial training with an industrial visit.
  4. Customized in-plant / corporate training for businesses / working professionals
  5. Onsite Exposure & Live Projects (Industrial visit)
  6. Fully equipped lab with cutting-edge technology
  7. Mock exam and online evaluation
  8. Industry-Specific Industrial Training
  9. Personal development and soft skill training

Why Choose The Core Systems as a PLC automation training company in Chandigarh:

The Core Systems is located in a prime position in Chandigarh. Chandigarh is the best city with less pollution and maximum security. Chandigarh has the best PG services.

  • We have an Industry Expert PLC automation trainer with more than 5+ years of experience.
  • We have PLC panels, and we have our own PLC.
  • We have all types of PLCs
  • We advanced the PLC with IoT
  • We provide free PLC software and Desktop
  • We teach PCB designing in PLC automation training
  • We provide PLC automation training at an affordable price.

How to find The Core Systems PLC automation training company in Chandigarh

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PLC Automation training company in Chandigarh


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