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The Internet of Things usually alluded to as IoT, is the system of physical articles, gadgets, vehicles, structures, and different things that have been coordinated into the innovation of present-day hardware, programming, sensors, and other “things” with the internet that empowers them to gather and trade information. When gathered, this information turns into an intense asset, which organizations and innovations are taking advantage of, in progressive ways.

IoT is an advanced path of sharing, controlling the data, sensors through the internet from anywhere in the world as we know the internet is the fast way of transferring any kind of data digitally to anywhere in the world. IOT is changing the world very fast and we are adopting it.

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Netmax Technologies Pvt Ltd is an ISO certified 15+-year-old industrial training company who is giving training to those who want to do something in their life. We provide Electronics, Mechanical, Digital Marketing, PLC Automation, and Robotics training to Btech, Mtech, BCA, MCA, MBA, BArch, and so on.

Why do IOT training in Haryana:

Haryana is a beautiful and an emerging city. Haryana is the only city from which a lot of athletes come out and make the country Proud in the world. There are a lot of engineering colleges and the university’s in Haryana and every year’s thousands of students become an engineer.

We surveyed Haryana engineering college’s and found that their technical skills are good but they are in lack of knowledge and are unaware of new technology. Therefore we make a decision to start a professional training company in Haryana which teaches them the latest technology trends.

We selected Chandigarh as our head office where we established the company and started giving training to students since 2001. Chandigarh is the capital of Haryana and Punjab. The company is opened in Chandigarh from which we have the reach of thousands of students.

What will you Learn in IOT training in Haryana from Netmax Technologies Pvt Ltd

  1. Introduction to IoT and it’s concepts
  2. Introduction to devices used in IOT and their application
  3. Introduction to different kinds of operating systems use in IOT
  4. What is Linux, how to install and its configuration
  5. What is the Raspberry Pi interface (RPI) and how to install it
  6. How to interface the camera with RPI
  7. Introduction to Python and how to use it in IoT
  8. Interfacing of a particle with IFTTT
  9. How to interface Ada-fruit with RPI
  10. How to interface my devices with RPI

Why do IOT training in Haryana from Netmax technologies

  1. We have special labs for IOT
  2. We give practical based training
  3. We provide kits for practice because Raspberry Pi is costly
  4. We provide desktop and other materials in IoT training.
  5. We provide flexible class timings.
  6. We provide affordable fees

How to Join Netmax technologies for IoT training in Haryana

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iot training in Haryana


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