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About us


The Core Systems is established in 2001 with an aim to provide the best and quality training in IT, Electronics, Networking, and Software development fields. We trained almost 10,000+ students till 2017 and the number goes increasing.The Core systems is ISO certified company. We delivered many projects in Electronics, Web development, and Networking.The Core Systems give industrial training, and internships to ECE, Civil, Mechanical, and CSE students.

Our mission


our mission is to provide a professional ECE internship to a student so that they can get a job in the best company and deliver their services. “Most of the students are educated and have knowledge but not skilled, our goal is to make them skilled and professional”. We feel proud because our students are working in very good companies. We offer the best internship for ECE students in Chandigarh. 


ECE Internship programme

We provide all ECE professional internship programmes in Chandigarh. Here, are the list of our ECE programme.

  • Internet of things (IoT) with python programming
  • Arduino
  • Raspberry Pi
  • AVR/ARM Microcontroller
  • PLC automation

Internship for ECE students in Chandigarh is six months internship. We will teach you everything about ECE and how you can pursue a better future. We will also prepare you for the interview.

What will you learn in the ECE internship(Paid)?

We will teach you each and everything related to ECE and also update you with the latest technology. Internship for ECE students in Chandigarh.

Internet of things (IoT) with pythoniot internship for ece students in chandigarh Internship for ECE students in Chandigarh iot

IoT is a trending topic, all the companies are investing a lot of money in IoT projects and programmes. IoT is a part of electronics. IoT has wide applications. We are the best in IoT with python. During our internship, we will make you an IoT expert, depending on your interest. IoT is a coming future.

Raspberry Pi

netmax pi internship for ece students in chandigarh Internship for ECE students in Chandigarh netmax pi 300x195

Raspberry Pi/Arduino is a cell of IoT, which means IoT is only possible through Raspberry Pi/Arduino. It is manufactured in China. We delivered 100+ projects on the raspberry pi. In North region, no one does raspberry pi projects. We are experts in Raspberry pi.


AVR/ARM microcontrollers


AVR/ARM microcontrollers are developed by Alf-Egil Bogen and Vegard Wollan. AVR is of three type. We will teach you microcontrollers which use electronic circuits and relays. AVR/ARM are both different but they have some similarities between them. Join us we will give you the best training in AVR/ARM microcontrollers.



PLC Automation

We provide industrial PLC automation training in Chandigarh. Our students are working in good companies. PLC automation skilled workers get good salary packages. PLC automation is a part of an internship for ECE students in Chandigarh. There is a lot of demand for PLC workers in the industry.


How to join Internship for ECE students in Chandigarh



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