Amazon AWS training in Chandigarh

Amazon AWS training in Chandigarh
Amazon AWS training in Chandigarh

Amazon AWS training at Chandigarh Mohali by Netmax is designed to help you understand and master the subject with ease. Today, AWS is the most preferred web service used on the cloud computing platform. Services such as Scalable Computer Cloud, Simple Storage and Virtual Private Cloud are commonly used across vertical industries for data and device processing and business process consistency and scalability. With ever-increasing market versatility to cloud application systems, AWS programmers are very much in demand.

Why AWS Training Course?

AWS is among the top 5 hot skills in the cloud-computing space.
AWS is the most popular and used application on the cloud-computing platform.
Netmax is one of the best Amazon Web Services Training companies in Chandigarh Mohali. Amazon Web Services Training is provided according to current industry standards which facilitate students to get their dream jobs in top companies of the world. Netmax is a well-known training company providing the best training services in Chandigarh Mohali, especially in Amazon Web Services Course. We teach practical knowledge through live project training and further, we also provide placement assistance for all.

What is Amazone Web Services (AWS)

AWS is the most famous cloud platform for cloud services, the certain factors which makes it better are:

Low cost: It offers a low-cost service with no upfront amount and free subscription up to a certain period of time.

Secure: AWS has passed PCI DSS Level 1, ISO 27001, FISMA MODERATE, etc. audits thus all infrastructure in AWS are more secure for small and big IT organizations’

Open & Flexible: AWS has very good support for many operating systems, Database, and languages that allows you to choose your comfortable option and g with that.

Elastic server: AWS has a massive scale for all virtual services, whether a single service required or thousand everything is available for instant access for internet-scale infrastructure.

Course Content:

Introduction to the AWSAmazon simple storage service (s3)
    • AWS Regions and availability zones
    • AWS Security credentials
    • AWS Service
    • AWS free usage tier
    • AWS data canters
    • AWS Infrastructure
    • Introduction
    • S3 Basic Operations
    • Buckets, Keys and objects
    • Amazon s3 Availability and Durability
    • Authorization and Access Control
    • Amazon simple storage service
Elastic Cloud computing (ec2)Relational Database Service (RDS)
    • Introduction
    • Amazon RDS basics
    • RDS pricing
    • Launch public AMI for orange HRM
    • Access the orange HRM application
    • Creating RDS MYSQL database instance
    • Take MySQL data dump
    • Points to remember
    • Making bootable AMI
    • Introduction
    • S3 Basic Operations
    • Buckets, Keys, and objects
    • Amazon s3 Availability and Durability
    • Authorization and Access Control
    • Amazon simple storage service
Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)Scaling the application using Amazon ELB
    • Introduction
    • Classic load balancer
    • Application load balancer
    • AWS certificate manager (ACM)
    • Sticky sessions
    • ELB cost
    • Launching with previous AMI
    • Starting and ELB
    • Verifying the load balancer is functioning
Auto ScalingAmazon virtual private cloud (VPC)
  • Introduction Auto Scaling components
  • Using cloud watch with auto-scaling
  • Pricing
  • Enabling auto-scaling
  • Clean-up of started services
  • Clean-up of all services
    • Introduction of VPC
    • All characteristics of VPC
    • All elements
    • Configurations
    • Configure NAT instances, VPC and gateways
    • VPC peering and VPN
Load balancers (LB)
  • LB methodology
  • Build and Configure LB
  • Applications of LB (characteristics and architecture)
  • Amazon route 53
  • Dynamo DB & Redshift
  • AWS security
  • AWS Monitoring

Why AWS over other Cloud service providers?

Aws is already well established in the cloud industry, most of the companies are already using AWS and it is capturing the maximum market share for cloud approximately 60%, that’s why if you want to go for AWS Training in Chandigarh you are choosing a platform already being used by several organizations, means you will surely get a good career opportunity. If you are planning for an AWS course in Chandigarh or its certification you must be aware of the cloud industry, its profiles, salary packages, Indian as well as MNCs where you may apply for the job, For such assistance, you call contact our cloud consultants.