6 Months Internship For Mechanical Engineering Students

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The Core Systems is a top IT training company since 2001 with an aim to provide the best quality industrial training in Mechanical Engineering, IT, Electronics, Robotics, and PLC automation fields. The Core Systems trained almost 20,000+ students till 2017. The Core Systems is an ISO-certified IT training company.

Get the best internship for mechanical engineering students. The Core Systems provide an internship for mechanical engineers. In this internship, a mechanical engineer learns about mechanical software like Autocad, Solidworks, and Catia. The Core Systems provides internships in the software field.

The Core Systems is one of the best online sites for mechanical engineering internships. We assist graduating mechanical students (B.Tech, MCA, and B.E.) in gaining practical expertise that would help them land a good career. According to AICTE guidelines, The Core Systems offers 4-week, 6 week, 2 month, and 3-month online internships for mechanical engineers.

Mechanical engineering is a discipline of engineering that studies, designs, develops, builds, and tests mechanical and thermal sensors and devices such as tools, engines, and machines. Mechanical engineering occupations are focused on developing technologies that address a wide range of human requirements. Mechanical engineering is a rewarding vocation that offers not just great pay but also innovation at every stage. Internships are available at Wala.

Internships are a terrific way to gain real-world experience and exposure. Students will prefer internships to improve their profiles for future careers and higher education. This internship allows mechanical students to study and learn about current employment market trends. The Core Systems offers internships in Industrial Safety, Mechatronics, AutoCAD and Staad Pro, Industrial Automation Using PLC With Mechatronics, Piping Systems, Conveyor Line Systems, and Steel Structure to Mechanical Engineering students.


Mechanical engineering students may gain real-world experience with The Core Systems. We offer hands-on training in a professional setting. Internships at The Core Systems allow you to try out different positions and explore other career possibilities.

  • The Core Systems assists students in experiencing several positions to choose which one they would like to pursue.
  • It aids in the development of your knowledge and abilities in a certain sector or business.
  • Increases your work preparedness by providing you with appropriate skills and exposure.
  • Mechanical students may obtain excellent professional experience through internships with The Core Systems.
  • It provides you with an excellent opportunity to build a network of connections.
  • It aids in the application of academic concepts and tactics in a real-world professional situation.

Internships are available in two ways:

  1. Paid Internship
  2. Free Internship

Criteria for a Paid internship in Mechanical Engineering:

In a Paid internship, a student can avail of an internship for 3 months which is paid. In this internship, a student will learn all aspects of the software that are used in Mechanical Engineering.

Brief Overview:

The paid internship is available for those who are in the Second, Third, and Fourth semesters of their B.tech in   Mechanical Engineering. This internship is basically based on live projects with a lot of extra knowledge in software.

Trainees will get all their knowledge about mechanical software with live projects. In this internship, you will learn about Autocad, Solidworks, and Catia in all aspects of the industry is doing.


AutoCAD is the best computer-aided drafting and design software. It is developed and designed by Autodesk, AutoCAD is released in December 1982, and it is improved so much in the present time. Autocad makes designing simple in all manners. Autocad is the best designing and drafting software of all time. All the big design and manufacturing companies are using Autocad.

The Core Systems give the best training in Autocad according to industry prospects.


SolidWorks is the best solid computer-aided design engineering computer program that runs on Microsoft Windows. SolidWorks is published by Dassault Systemes.


CATIA is a multi-platform designing software suite for manufacturing, design, PLM, 3D, and engineering developed by the Dassault Systemes (French Company).

Eligibility for Paid Internship:
  • Diploma/Btech in Mechanical, Electrical Engineering

Criteria for a Free internship in Mechanical Engineering:

Trainees will avail of free internship under this program if they satisfy the following condition:
  • Expert in Autocad in all aspects
  • Expert in Solidworks and have knowledge of all commands
  • Expert in Catia in all aspects

In this program, a trainee will get a stipend according to their knowledge.

Selection Procedure:

  1. Interview
  2. Technical Round

Note: Who wants to avail of the free internship should have a resume in Interview round.

Get enroll yourself in 6 months Internship For Mechanical Engineering Students

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6 months of Industrial Training for Mechanical Engineering Students

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