6 Months Industrial Training in Robotics


6 Months Industrial Training in Robotics

Netmax Technologies Pvt Ltd provides 6 Months Industrial Training in Robotics with Live Project for Mtech, Btech, CS, Engineers. Our six months training programme in robotics certification course includes basic to advanced level and our 6 months Robotics course is focused on expert training to get the placement in good companies in any country as quickly as you complete the training course. Our Robotics trainers are Expertise in Robotics with more than 10 years of Experience in this field. Experience working with professionals on live projects knowledge. We have designed our Robotics course content and syllabus in that way such that the student gets most of the knowledge in that training. We also take care of students requirement to achieve their goal. Our 6 Months Industrial Training in Robotics course, you will learn depth knowledge of Robotics. We give Job assistance to our Students.

Robotics is the mixture of science and technology, which have applications in all kinds of fields, including electronics, designing, electrical, instrumentation, mechanical, medical, automation, and more. Robotics training program is focused on developing the skills in embedded systems using Robotics. Students will learn about the use of technology with different microprocessors, programming languages, and designing.

Netmax Technologies Pvt Ltd offers live project based 6 months industrial training in robotics with PIC, AVR, ARM7 & MATLAB. The training program for the students having the background in electronics. This Robotics training program is divided into six different modules focusing on important aspects of robotics. This training Programme teaches Students, the way of writing codes in robotics point of view and developing interfaces using Embedded. Join Our 6 months industrial training in robotics.

6 Months Industrial Training in Robotics Course Duration

Robotics Course Duration
ClassesRegular TrackWeekend Track
Training Duration120 – 180 Days24 Weekends
Training Hours2 hours a day4 hours a day
Training ModeLive ClassroomLive Classroom


Netmax Technologies: 6 Months industrial Training in Robotics Course Overview

  • Introduction to Robotics and The aim of Robotics Design
  • Introduction to PIC (RISC) Microcontrollers (PIC16F73, PIC16F877)
  • How to use basic sections of a robotics Application
  • Architectural features and PIN details of PIC MIcrocontrollers
  • Hardware Interfacing and Programming with PIC Microcontrollers
  • Introduction to different types of motors, stepper motor used in robotics, their working and driver circuit designing
  • Programming in Embedded C and Different Embedded C Compilers
  • Introduction to different kinds of DC motors used in Robotics technology, their circuit designing, and applications
  • Introduction to  Ultrasound sensor, light sensors, Infrared Sensor, and their application in Robotics design
  • Design and development of line follower robot using DTMF, RF in Robotics
  • Implementation os wireless module like DTMF, RF in Robotics
  • Design and development of Pathfinder robot using PIC microcontroller
  • Introduction to Arduino based robotics development
  • Design of Robots like RF robotics arm, Pathfinder, Line follow robot with Arduino based Embedded System.

Orcad Design Environment

  • Capture CIS Schematic Design
  • Layout Designing Introduction
  • Tina Pro Simulation

Analog Electronics

  • Adjustable Linear Power Supply Design
  • Using MOSFETs, transistors, Darlington Pair in System Designing
  • Analog Electronics related to sensor used in Robotics and Line following Rovers

Why Choose Netmax Technologies for 6 Months Industrial Training in Robotics

  • We have Industry Expert trainers in Robotics
  • We have a special R&D lab for Robotics
  • We offer flexible class timings
  • Updated Equipment
  • Big Robotics Lab

Join Netmax Technologies For 6 months industrial training in Robotics

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