Summer Training in Jalandhar

The Core Systems is just one of the best industrial and job-oriented training programs companies in North India. We are a master in creating innovative training programs that assist university and college students to get placed or succeed in their qualified careers. The  provides the best Summer Training in Jalandhar for, CAD/CAM,  Software, Embedded systems, Plc Automation, and Digital marketing

The Core Systems innovation leader in the field of embedded systems platform development, civil training, IoT with Python programming, cad/cam, software development, Plc Automation, and Digital marketing since 2001 in Summer Training in Jalandhar.

Courses offered for Summer training in Jalandhar:

Summer training in Jalandhar is a specially designed coaching training course for the summer training of university and college students.

Embedded System

– Build cool projects and robots in our Robotics Course or Control industries with PLC/SCADA courses Summer Training in Jalandhar.

  • Robotics with microcontrollers and the internet of things
  • Internet of things and raspberry pi platform
  • Embedded Linux
  • Arduino Avr or Arm microcontrollers with the Internet of things apps.

Digital Marketing

– We offer Digital Marketing Training program in Summer Training in Jalandhar new and emerging techniques in every industry worldwide.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Google Adwords
  • Website development & Designing
  • E-commerce/ Affiliate Marketing

IOT With Python

– Latest courses in IoT, Python,  Embedded, Arm, and Arduino development with Live Project Hosting.

  • Embedded System
  • Latest courses in Python
  • Latest courses in IoT
  • Latest courses in PLC

CADD & CAD design with Catia and Solidworks with Certification

  • Latest course in Catia #d design with certification
  • Latest courses in 3D & 2D Designing
  • Latest courses in Solid Works
  • Latest courses in Auto Cadd
  • Design and Drafting

Why choose The Core Systems for Summer training in Jalandhar?

  • Completely practical-based summer training programs.
  • our summer training programs trainers team is an industry specialist.
  • we offered the perfect Summer training in Jalandhar.
  • Live project-based summer training in Jalandhar.
  • We have advanced Networking and PLC labs in the complete northern area.
  • Placement Assistance to students joins our Summer Traning in Jalandhar
  • The Core Systems has the increasing, successful, and most up-to-date practical knowledge of modern technology
  • We have extremely skilled teachers. They have got more than 6+ years of practical experience.

After getting properly trained at The Core Systems. the college students and university students can easily get wide practical experience by changing their ideas into real brand new applications and software management for the sites along with the full computing enterprise. To teach successfully The Core Systems is visualizing all of the factors you prefer.

we have no office in Jalandhar. If you want to do summer training in Jalandhar contact us below address:


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Summer training in Pathankot with certification

Queries by Candidates from Jalandhar on summer training in Jalandhar

  • how can I book my summer training in Jalandhar?
    • you can call us and book your summer training by online form booking and also by visiting us at our Chandigarh office. these industrial trainings are also available via work from training by The Core Systems.


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