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The Core Systems is the best company for IoT training in Punjab. The Core Systems is the 12+-year-old best IOT training company in Chandigarh. IoT is a hot topic nowadays in Electronic Industry.

Internet of things (IoT) is a term used for a device that sends data online and controls the device through the internet in real-time. The device is called Raspberry Pi which is used to do IoT (Internet of things).

Topics to cover in IOT training in Punjab:

The syllabus is specially designed for students and trainees to cover the maximum topics with the latest trends. IOT training in Punjab is practical-based training in which there is 5% theoretical and 95% practical work. We provide Students kits for practical work.

  1. introduction to IoT.
  2. Introduction of Devices used in IoT.
  3. Introduction of different kinds of operating systems
  4. introduction of Linux,
  5. Linux setup and software installation.
  6. the different environments of Linux.
  7. introduction of RPI with os installation and pinout.
  8. camera interfacing with RPI.
  9. wi-fi generation in a Linux machine.
  10. introduction of python.
  11. GPIO for RPI interfacing with led.
  12. switch case with RPI GPIO pins.
  13. interfacing RPI with dc motor
  14. SPI interfacing RPI with The Core Systems -IOT-shield.
  15. The Core Systems -shield GPIO
  16. analog interfacing with RPI.
  17. PWM with The Core Systems-IOT-shield.
  18. introduction of cloud computing.
  19. interfacing of my devices with RPI.
  20. interfacing of adafruit-io with RPI.
  21. interfacing of bigots with RPI.
  22. interfacing of a particle with IFTTT.
  23. node-MCU IoT device

Why choose The Core Systems for IoT training in Punjab:

  • We have a Special lab for winter training in IOT
  • We have upgraded the raspberry pi for every scholar for live education
  • We have high-quality IOT teachers within the North Region of India
  • We have flexible batch timings
  • We have special discounts for college candidates

How to reach The Core Systems for IoT training in Punjab:


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